“Res Gestae”: “Things accomplished”, or “what has happened”, might be a good translation of the idea behind the stone engravings frequently found in the ruins of larger Roman cities. “Vita Caroli Pauli” certainly does not and cannot compare with this imperial idea of “reporting one’s own history” thus ensuring an adequate memory.

Instead – between my last post and this one – it became increasingly clear to me that this is what “Vita Caroli Pauli” is all about: Creating a memory. And, fictitious as it is, this Memory serves as a paradigm for a more profound understanding of life. Of life in general.

The “Life of Carolus Paulus” is a parable, both for himself – as the following phases of his mature life (starting with “INVCOABIT” as the pivotal incident) seem to reflect basic, even formative traits of his “youth life”.

And I am quite aware, and even a little nervous, to see that in approximately 350 days the “daily blogs” of Carolus will come to en end.

Once and forever.

And – curse and blessing of the author’s foreknowledge! – I shiver almost daily when I think of what effect this will have on its protagonist, Carolus Paulus. How will he get along with the changes and chances to come?

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